The Bomb

R. Darling, Dylan, and I had lunch at our favorite lunch spot last weekend.  It was a sunny day and we were glad to be out enjoying some time as a family.  Looking out the window I could see one of the local yarn shops and noticed that the tree out front was sporting a snazzy new coat of many colors, just in time for autumn.


Swallowing my delicious bite of taco al pastor, I casually mentioned to R. Darling that I just didn’t get the what the big freakout over yarnbombing was all about.  I mean, why would anyone waste perfectly good yarn on covering inanimate objects, when all that yarn could be used for charity projects?  I said something much like this to R. Darling as I looked out the window.  And he looked right at me without a moment’s pause and shot back, “Oh, kinda like buying all kinds of yarn, storing it in tubs in the upstairs shower and then not knitting with it either?”  Yikes.  He got me.  I would have mimed being stabbed in the heart and falling over in my chair if he hadn’t been completely and totally right.  So I’m a slow knitter.  And a little bit of a hoarder.  But you can bet my yarn will never be keeping some tree warm on a winter afternoon.  I’m more interested in keeping other people warm, the ones I love and the ones I don’t even know.

The Warmest Potted Plant In The World


Heavenly Thirty-Sevenly

Today I am thirty-seven years old.  I can hardly believe it.  Thirty-five was the worst year of my life, and thirty-six was better, but not the best.  I’m hoping thirty-seven will be heaven.  And I’m going to do my best to make sure it turns out that way.  Starting with breakfast…….

Raspberry & White Truffle Cake

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but every year I buy myself a birthday cake the day before my birthday and then spend the rest of the next day eating it (sometimes for every meal!).  This year I spent a little extra and got a raspberry & white truffle cake and I’m 99% sure this is the same cake we got for our wedding cake.  Yum!  I may be losing my sweet tooth a little bit though because I got full before I finished my first piece.  But I have a reputation to uphold here!  So I’ll give it another go after dinner :)
Today has been very low-key.  Knittymunchkin woke me up at 4:00 AM to eat and has been fussy most of the day, but his giggly times make up for all that.  R. Darling gave me a generous amount of money so I could renew a sock club I wanted next month, and treated me to a nice massage while Knittymunchkin napped.  We went out for a bit and tootled around and now I have a few moments to myself to write a little post and reflect on my day.  It’s funny how birthdays change as we get older.
I’ve never cared much for New Year’s because my birthday has always been my own personal new year.  A time to think about the year just past and look forward to planning for the year that is just beginning.  This year what I want to accomplish most is to pay more attention to my own personal happiness. I have a tendency to put my boys ahead of myself and though that’s wonderful most of the time, I want to try very hard to make sure I don’t lose myself somewhere along the way.  That means letting my husband help me more and not trying to do it all myself. It also means learning to let some things go and finding a way to focus on what’s important. Of course, plentiful knitting and yarn will also be involved!
So happy New Year to me! We’ll see what kind of heaven thirty-seven will bring…..