The Demise Of Words

Do you ever wonder what happens to words? Like whatever the word for “kick ass” was in Greek which no one remembers and no one ever uses anymore?  Are they just laid to rest in Webster’s and that’s that?  How does it happen, this demise of a word?  Is it immediate or a slow attrition?  Do people suddenly stop using a word and immediately take up with the next big thing, or do they continue to insert it here and there in conversation hoping they can keep the old word alive because, well, they just can’t get used to the new word?  Take “fetching” for example. At some point in time, like when men wore hosiery, this was the word. Some guy in tights would say to his similarly tights-clad fellow, “Behold yonder fetching wench!”.  Which at some point was replaced with:  “Dude. Check out that hottie!”  How did this happen?  Hosiery ditched for socks, fetching ditched for hot? Ponderous, man.  Really ponderous.


Well, Fetching is back.  At least in the knitting sense.  I started my second pair in Debbie Bliss Merino Aran – Color: Chocolate Brown.  These are for my mom.  She is impossible to buy gifts for (so this is her late Mother’s Day gift) and she says she would like a pair of fingerless gloves for walking on the beach.  Hopefully I can finish them by the weekend….. 


Fun From Switzerland

More fun mail arrived Friday!

Looky what I got from Kasia who lives in Switzerland!  Some lovely chocolate which is made near where she lives, a postcard which shows her town, lovely pink yarn (a future beaded scarf maybe?) and the little blue circles at the bottom are earrings she crocheted herself!  Fantastic! 

Groovy Swiss stamps!

I have a “thing” for stamps, so I just had to show these stamps that arrived on her package.  Silly me, I loved these almost as much as I loved what was inside!  Simple minds….

Thanks again Kasia!  Everything was lovely and you really made my day!  Now I’m planning something fun for you…..


Check it! I’m Knittin’ Socks!


Oh crap.  Just what I needed – yet another reason to spend entirely too much time knitting, thinking about knitting, and buying yarn.  But look how cute!  I think I finally get why everyone’s so seemingly obsessed with sock knitting all of a sudden.

This is the On-Your-Toes toe-up sock pattern from this summer’s issue of IK.  After getting that yummy sock yarn from Jeanie I kept going back and forth about which pattern to try.  I wasn’t sure this would be a good one for a beginner (’cause it has a crazy looking cast-on) but the super-helpful Wendee who posted about her toe-up socks over at the Interweave Knits Knit-Along assured me that it was easy enough for a beginner to attempt.  I figured what the hell.  I’m not doing anything but laundry and sitting on my fat butt and gimpy knee on the couch anyway, why not give it a shot?  Expand my horizons and all that good stuff.

The Eastern cast-on is super fussy but, magically, it only took me 3 tries to figure it out.  Not sure what’s going on there.  I don’t think I’ll be able to duplicate that little bit of trickery for the next sock so easily, but if I did it once, I’ll be able to do it again (I hope).  It looks gorgeous even if I perhaps didn’t do it exactly right.  Who cares as long as it looks nice and doesn’t fall apart, right?  I won’t tell if you don’t.  Now the increases are done and it’s smooth sailing up to the heel.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.  I’m also noticing some groovy lopsided color action working up on the top of my sock in the ribbing portion.  Me likey!


Photo Friday – May 25, 2007


Look what came in the mail on Wednesday!

The extremely thoughtful and very lovely Jeanie from the SKC sent me a little gifty to keep me occupied while I’m laying around on the couch with my gimpy knee.  2 skeins of Sweet Feet Sock yarn (colors: Shasta Daisy & Bluebonnet)!  I don’t really knit socks yet so this is the perfect reason to start.  I’ve been feverishly digging through all my knitting mags and online to try to find a good beginner’s pattern.  Anyone have any good suggestions?

This totally made my day!  Thanks so much Jeanie!  You’re the best :)


Knit.1 Summer 2007 – My Faves

Look what came in the mail yesterday!
(More stuff here.)

And these are some of the patterns I liked the best……

Love this tank! Yum! Except for the set in bust area.  Don’t know how I feel about constructing those……

This tank is super cute! I could do without the gold hot pants though. And I’m sure my thighs (and the general public) could do without me wearing them too!

This one’s kind of cute, if plain. Seems like it might be kind of flattering though (at least if you’re a size 0 like this model!).  And cozy. Gotta have the cozy.  Maybe a little ribbon added to the waist area to flash it up……

Very classic! I’ve never actually crocheted a garment though, so this could be a challenge for me as far as gauge and fit.

Cute skirt! Not my colors though. Maybe reds & browns…..

This is *so* not me! But for some reason I love how it looks on the model – especially with the tights and the boots. I don’t know that I’d ever make it because it would just be an awful lot of work and would probably look about as good as the hot pants on me, but for some reason I’m still drawn to it.

Which ones do you like?


Going The Distance


 This week I’m in limbo. Living somewhere between not feeling bad, but not feeling good, I’ve been working on something that requires what feels like miles of P2K2 ribbing.  Boring you say?  Maybe in the usual time and the usual place.  Instead I find myself thinking back to the days when I used to run.  We’re not talking marathons or anything, and definitely no speed records here, but a good 5 miles every morning way back when.  There’s a point, when you’re running for distance, at which the rhythm of your feet matches the rhythm of your heart, everything pumping together in harmony and you feel like you could go on like that forever, lost in your runner’s high, thinking of nothing but the moment that you’re in, the goodness of your body and the joy in movement.  Maybe this is the thing called zen, or meditation; a stillness of your soul.  Knitting miles of ribbing the past two days, those old feelings have resurfaced.  The monotonous P2K2, instead of slowly squeezing out the joy in knitting, recreates those feelings that running used to give me.  I’m feeling still and meditative.  Peaceful.  No worry about the throbbing in my knee or when exactly I’ll be “normal” again.  Nothing but the rhythm of my fingers, my heart, the yarn and the stitches moving softly from one needle to the other.  The balm for my soul that I’ve been needing.  And that’s what’s keeping me going the distance.