Kentucky Fried Friday Fill-In #61

vesper aquamelon1


Random Yarn Porn from my stash (since I hate to post without pics)

This is some Vesper Sock Yarn from Knitterly Things in the Aquamelon colorway.  I’m addicted to her colors!


This week has been a Kentucky Fried kind of week.  Meaning, I feel about as dried up and nasty as a fast food chicken leg that’s been sitting under the heat lamp for way too long.  But in the interest of keeping this blog “would-you-like-some-cheese-with-that-whine?” free, I’ll try to keep the complaints to myself.  I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is sniveling around here and maybe a little Friday Fill-In action would be just the thing we need!


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Friday Fill-In #61
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1. I’m looking forward to getting some drugs next week.
2. I don’t handle stress very well.
3. Fresh fruit and sushi is something I could eat every day.
4. Warmth and sunlight are so welcome after our gloomy winters here in the PacNW.
5. Vegas here I come!
6. I  tattoo(s).  But think I’m getting too old to get one….
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting, tomorrow my plans include chores & errands and Sunday, I want to knit all day!


Have a great weekend Bloggy Peeps!!


As Promised…..

Since the knitting magic was off yesterday (way off ) I figured I’d better distract myself with something else like a bona fide blog post.  If I didn’t it seemed pretty evident that anything fiber-related that I touched yesterday would instantly turn into a flaming pile of doo doo.  And let’s face it knitty kids – doo doo is never fun.  Funny maybe, but not fun.  Still somehow, even blogging yesterday turned into something that just wouldn’t work. 

So, here today instead, is the final installment of answers to all your fantastic contest questions.  I know it’s a bit anticlimactic now that the contest is over,  but I didn’t want anyone to think I was taking their questions un-seriously.  Quite the opposite!  It’s just been a fuzzy-headed kind of week so I’m a bit slow on the draw with pretty much everything right now.  But without further ado (or doo doo), away we go……


Shannon O. asked:  “Of all your Bloggy Peeps, who(m) would you most like to meet IRL? And why?  I don’t think anyone has asked this question..”

Nope.  No one else asked this question and it’s a good one!  Well, I think it would be totally amazing to meet any of you guys!  Seriously :)  And it’s way too hard to have to choose between all of you!  But if I had to choose one, and only one, because say, my life depended on it, I’d have to say Kasia because she’s the least likely person that I’d ever actually meet in real life being as she lives in Switzerland.  Plus, we have a lot in common on so many levels and a peek into her world would sure be a lot of fun :)

Darcy asked:  “What was your favorite vacation you have ever taken?”

I’ve pretty much loved every trip I’ve ever taken, but I guess the most special would be my honeymoon.  We spent 5 days in Maui and 5 days in Kauai and the only damper on the whole trip was having the airline lose my luggage on our trip over and then spending 2 days without clothes trying to reach the airline to find out if they’d recovered it.  We eventually got it back , but not until we’d already wasted a whole day basically replacing the important parts of my wardrobe (you know – bra, underroos, swimsuit, shorts).  Poor R. Darling had to comfort his weeping bride all day long!  He’s a trooper though :)  We did so many amazing things while we were there: snorkeling in Molokini, going to a luau, watching sunrise over Haleakala, driving the Hana highway, a kick ass helicopter tour in Kauai, and finally just relaxing on the beach.  A toss-up for my next favorite trip would be our 13 day sojourn on our Harley in the American Southwest.  Totally fantastic!  But then there was Sturgis…..  See!  I can’t just choose one!  They’re all good!



Just after sunrise at Haleakala on Maui (yes we are wearing winter coats!  It was freezing!)


Because the answer is the same to both of these questions, I’m combining Sharon Rose’s question:  “What was the happiest moment of your life?” with Nicole’s question:  “…what was one of the best surprises you’ve ever had?”

The day that I got engaged was the happiest moment of my life so far and it was also one of the best surprises that I’ve ever had.  My husband had been away for a couple weeks for some work stuff and he told me that he was taking me somewhere special when he got back to make up for having been away.  But he wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing, only that I needed to dress sorta nice.  Part of me wondered if this was “the day” that he was going to propose, but another part of me didn’t want to get my hopes up.  When we arrived at our destination and I saw the train (he took me on The Spirit Of Washington Dinner Train which sadly, is no longer operational, so no hope for recreating the moment on our 10 year anniversary or anything) I clapped my hands and said, “Yay Yay Yay!!!” which he teases me about to this day.  I was so excited to be going on a train!  It’s one of those things I’d always wanted to do.  He had been acting a little funny all day, but I still didn’t dare to hope that this would be anything other than a nice treat.  When the waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything special, he said “no” and I started to really assume that nothing monumental was going to happen.  But when we arrived at the winery (the halfway point of the trip), took our little tour, and he ushered me to “someplace quieter”, I started to suspect again.  And when he got down on one knee amongst the blossoming cherry trees in the dusk, then I knew that something special was going on for sure!  It was definitely the happiest and most surreal moment of my life.  To this day I barely remember what we said to each other, but we were nothing but smiles all through dessert on the way home.  Thanks for a lovely memory sweetie!  I love you :)


spirit of washington copy2a

At the train depot before I even knew he was going to propose!


Kodachrome asked:  “If you could invite anyone to a tea party, who would you invite and why?”

What a great question!  I was watching a documentary on Leondardo da Vinci over the weekend and I was both fascinated and supremely awed at the sheer genius of this guy.  I mean seriously.  Was there anything he couldn’t do?  I think having some cupcakes and teatime chatter with him would be really enlightening; a little peek into a mind, the likes of which, rarely exists.  Maybe I could even get him to paint my living room!

Lucette asked:  “Of all the things you have created, including the knitting, what has been the most enjoyable to make?”

Oh wow.  This one’s a tough one for me and it really shouldn’t be!  The reason it’s so hard is that I tend to go through a phase during each project where I’m working like gangbusters and all of a sudden I hit a plateau where I can’t stand to look at whatever it is that I’m working on.  You can find evidence of these lulls all over my house – random projects stuffed half-finished into boxes and tubs here and there.  I’m trying to be better about that this year!  So for me, I have relative amnesia when it comes to how much I enjoyed working on something.  I seem to only remember the frustrating bits.  Does that make me a pessimist?  Maybe.  Anyway, I guess the project I enjoyed the most was my first pair of socks that I ever made.  The reason for this is because I taught myself how to knit the sock entirely on my own from a copy of IK that had a basic pattern for a toe-up sock.  This included teaching myself the dreaded eastern cast-on and knitting on teeny tiny dpn’s (not that I was a stranger to dpn’s, just a stranger to microscopic sized ones).  It was really cool to know that I’d figured it out on my own and I remember being really proud as I knit and then completed the first sock.



My very first pair of socks!


Josiane said:  “I see in the post over this one that you like making up your own words. As I love it too, my questions are related to that: What is your favorite word among those you’ve made up, and what does it mean to you? Do you tend to make up more words related to knitting, or to other areas of your life? Any idea why?”

I’m afraid that I’m really more of a word dabbler.  Most of my words aren’t truly new words, more like subtle twists on the original word.  And, as I’m a bit of a dirty little monkey, some of my words probably can’t be used in polite company ;)  I really don’t make up knitting words very often actually.  Most of my words are related to other areas of my life.  Probably because the people that appreciate, or even engender, my “new” words aren’t knitters.  In fact, the only contact I have with real knitters is online.  So if I want someone to chuckle at my invention, where I can hear it, it had better be non-knitting related!  My favorite knitting word is probably “Knitterazzi” (which maybe I didn’t make up, but I haven’t read anywhere else yet; debuted in this post from my blog).  This is my name for people that I imagine hover around knitting celebrities in the same way that the paparazzi hover around regular celebrities.  But probably (hopefully) in a more positive, less creepy fashion.  The non-knitting word we use the most around here (not necessarily my favorite, but definitely in the highest rotation) is “ooky” which is a combination of “poopy” and “icky”.  Used most commonly when one feels sick, but not violently ill.  In fact, I’ve used that one at least 30 times this weekend! 

Chrispy asked:  “What are some of your favorite comments from your blog readers?” and “What do you look for in a knitting pattern?”

Dang!  You’re tough ;)  O.k.  You’re totally going to think this is a cop out, but each and every one of my comments and commenters is important to me!  Seriously.  Pinky swear.  That’s not just doo doo.  No matter how long I’ve been blogging now, I still get a little secret thrill whenever someone, anyone, leaves a comment.  Because no one has to, and the fact that you would take the time is really touching to me!  Probably the ones I enjoy most though are the ones that make me laugh, or the ones that make me feel like I’m not alone with my crazy thoughts and – woo – out there ramblings.  So thanks so much to all of you for putting a smile in my day!

As far as what I look for in a knitting pattern, I’m a sucker for feminine silhouettes or a retro feel when it comes to styling.  Give me some lace edging or a unique neckline and I’m there.  I tend to like clean un-fussy knits too with maybe one or two interesting details to break it up.  As far as technique wise, I admit that right now I look for things knit in the round mostly because I am still nervous about seaming and am not sure I’m quite ready to tackle a full sweater with set in sleeves and all.  Hopefully I can get up the nerve sometime soon though because I think it would really open up a wider range of patterns for me that I’m currently intimidated by.

Agnes says:  “So far I only read about your and R. Darling’s winter kayaking last month and I know the two of you have a training program which started recently. How do you motivate each other to be sporty and keep the training going? Have you considered entering a race together (ex: Ironman or the likes)?”  

Another great question!  As far as motivation, I think that having a time set aside for both of us to work out together has been the biggest factor in staying motivated.  In the past I’ve tried working out on my own but found it really difficult to take that time for myself when I felt that I should be spending it doing something with R. Darling.  I felt like I was wasting the little time we had doing something non-essential (even though it really is a very important activity!).  Last summer when he was training for his marathon, I got a bicycle so I could keep him company as his runs got longer and longer.  I think that experience made us realize how much easier it is to stick to a goal when you have a little extra support from your spouse and make it more of a team effort.  I’m sure if you ask him though, he’ll tell you that the prospect of me prancing around in workout clothes for an hour is plenty enough motivation for him!  As far as training for an Ironman or anything like that together, I’d say you’re giving my fitness level a lot more credit than is due!  I just can’t run like I used to (craptastic knees you see) so I’m guessing it’s out of the question.  I will be helping him train for a new goal he has this year over the spring/summer/fall seasons and I hope to give running another try with him in the next couple months.

Last, but not least, Tami asked:  “What’s your most favorite knitting toy?  needles? accessories? stitch markers?  Us knitters love our toys”

That’s true!  Us knitters do love our toys!  I can’t live without my row counter and stitch markers.  And probably my tape measure.  But as far as the coolest gadget I have?  That would have to be my Knitter’s Block that I purchased last fall.  If you hate blocking your knits as much as I do, you totally need one of these!  I’m definitely digging it!


Well then!  I’m sure you’ve all had quite enough!  I really hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did, I’m super sorry.  It wasn’t on purpose, I swear :)  Thanks for your patience and again, thanks so much to everyone for entering my little contest!  It’s been swell sharing with all of you and reading all your great comments :)  Thanks bunches!! 


P.S.  I will most likely be MIA a bit this week again.  I can’t get in to see the doctor until Friday morning so I’m thinking I’m in for another fuzzyheaded week this week.  I promise I won’t be ignoring you, just trying to rest it up.  Until I’m full blast again, take care everyone & thanks so much for the well wishes! 




Me, around week 2 (my flab is moderately improved by now)


Studies show that making a monster face while flexing your flab and pointing at it, results in a signifcant increase in muscle tissue overnight (or maybe I just like making monster faces ’cause it’s fun).


Today is the last day of week 7 of our fitness plan, and rather than feeling good, I feel extra awesomely craptastic.  I think I might have a sinus infection (like for the last 2-3 months) and really need to take my sorry butt into the doctor.  The problem is, I don’t really feel that bad.  But then again, I don’t really feel that good.  You’d think with all this clean living we’ve been doing (eating right, working out etc.) that I’d feel like the shizzle, but I don’t.

Anyhoo, I haven’t been feeling up to blogging or corresponding or anything fun for the past 2 days.  So, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m not ignoring those contest questions I still haven’t answered.  I’ll get to those as soon as I’m feeling a little more like my usual self.  I’m really sorry it’s taking me so long – I’m not usually such a slacker (I hope) – but I just feel like I need some rest right now.   The Booger King has got me down for the count.  But I’ll be back soon….. 


Because I’m Sure You’re All Dying To Know……

Last night all the names went into one of my new Ikea pots…..


contest pot1


And then the R. Darling Automaton 3000 chose a name……


contest winner 2 08a


Hooray!!  My Unbloggyversary Contest winner is Jenny of Jeneration-X Knit Blog!


Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by and participating!  I’ve really enjoyed hearing from each and every one of you!  I know there are some of you whose questions I have yet to answer and I promise I’ll get to those very soon.  The glamorous housefrau life is calling my name right now though so time is short.  But I wanted to announce the contest winner for all of you because I’m sure you’re all antsy to know if it was you ;)  Thanks again everyone for playing along – it’s been a ton of fun for me (and I hope for you)!


BTW:  It appears that the R. Darling Automaton 3000 seems to have a certain unexplained affinity for “Jenny’s”.  You may recall that the winner of my Treatful Tuesday Contest a few weeks ago was Jenny of Jennyarn.  Preliminary studies indicate no malicious glitches to be found, but a full inspection will be performed before the next contest. 


Apron Swap & Contest Answers Part 4



Shawnee, who was one of the participants in my Christmas Swap this year, asked me to let you all know about her Flirty Apron and Accessory Swap.  I won’t be able to participate this time around (cutting back this year!) but it looks like fun and I promised to pass the word ;)  Check out the link if you’re interested…..


So, last night was my final date for receiving entries for the contest.  I’m planning on picking a name later on this evening and then announcing the winner tomorrow.  Whee, excitement!  Hopefully I can get to the rest of everyone’s questions between now and then.  I never expected there’d be so many of you out there!

Kim (who has quite the list of tricks herself!) asked a good one:  “What is your stupid human trick?”

I was actually thinking I didn’t have a single one until the other morning when I asked my husband what he thought my stupid human trick was.  Then I remembered – I can wiggle my ears!  Other than that, I have really creepy elbows that might be double jointed or something.  When I bend them backwards they go just a wee bit too far and look really gross.  I remember my cousins freaking out over this once.  I’d never even realized there was anything weird about them until then!  Other than that, I’m pretty boring.

tinker and Triplet Mom both asked:  “What is your favorite animal and why?”

I love bunnies!  No reason why except that they’re so sweet and innocent; how could you not love them?  If you asked me this when I was 10 though, I’d probably have said it was a solid tie between unicorns and pegasus (or the rare and elusive unipeg/pegacorn).

Wow, Tanya got me with a triple-whammy:  “Question: do you like to cook? If so what is your favorite meal to cook and why?”

Yes, I actually love to cook!  The only thing is, I hate what I call day to day cooking.  I cook nearly every single day and I get really sick and freakin’ tired of cooking the same crap all the time.  I love trying new recipes but seldom have the time to do that so the daily grind kinda sucks all the joy out of cooking for me.  As for my favorite meal to cook?  That would have to be the Bourbon and Brown Sugar Glazed Flank Steak recipe I got one year out of Cooking Light.  This is a bona-fide 9 on hubby’s scale (nothing earns a 10 unless it’s served naked he says; so you can guess exactly how many meals have gotten 10’s!).  Not only is it delicious but it’s decent for your waistline and easy to cook.  I am a bit of a sucker for cooking Thanksgiving dinner too though.  Even though it’s a ton of work, my family loves it and I feel good about doing something special like that for them.

“Question: If you could magically wave a wand and change one thing about yourself : would you, what would it be and why?”

Oh you can bet I’d take that magic wand and swish the crap out of it!  Physically, there’s too many things I’d change to even bother to mention here.  But first and foremost I’d go back in time and put on sunscreen dammit!  It’s so sad that the damage I’ve done to myself could have been prevented.  I always thought having darker skin protected me but it so doesn’t.  As far as non-physically, I’d want to have the ability to forget about what other people think about me and quit trying to please everyone else all the time.  I’m so bad about that.

“Question: Favorite drink when out on the town?”

Usually a plain old lemon-lime margarita on the rocks.  But have you tasted the Limoncello at the Olive Garden?  OMG.  Must.learn.how.to.make.now.  Soooo yummy!

Along the food subject, Robin asked:  “What is your favorite food?”

I’m a sucker for any kind of dessert, though rhubarb pie has to be an all-time favorite.  As far as types of food, I’ll go for Asian food any day over pretty much anything else.  Now that R. Darling is off of his Thai food strike, we go out for Thai whenever we have a chance.  I do wish we had a Vietnamese place here though because I really love Vietnamese food too.

Monica asked:  “I’ve tried to start blogging several times and never stick with it. Was there anything in particular that you did to help you keep blogging, or was it just finally the right time?”

That’s a good question because I’ve never really stopped to think about why blogging finally stuck for me.  I think I started getting serious about blogging around the time that I started getting more serious about knitting and about reading knitting blogs.  I think I felt that I finally had something to talk about and that I could do what other bloggers were doing, namely making things and writing about it.  Over the past year or so as I’ve gotten to know more bloggy friends my blog has evolved into being a little more about my personal life than it was when I started out.  Sometimes I don’t know if that’s good or bad!  But the main thing for me was just taking the time to sit down and write about something, anything, and get it out there.

On a related note, jennsquared asks: “What type of blog entries entice you to bookmark that blog and go back to read it over and over again?”

O.k.  I’m totally like a 3 year old on this one.  For me, it’s all about the pictures.  If the majority of the posts don’t have pics, I won’t even bother to stop to read.  That being said, most of the blogs I read are blogs of people that I know already somehow so that rule doesn’t apply to them.  I rarely have time to surf around looking for new things to read so when I do, pics always grab my attention.  After that, it’s witty commentary or something that I think I can relate to that will keep me reading.  That makes me sound like a snob doesn’t it?  Yikes.  I’m totally not.  I don’t think…..

p3knitter asked: “Okay – my question … because I just never asked and I’m curious. What are your family origins, and where are your ancestors from? For some reason I love to know this about people, don’t ask me why?”

I am always interested in finding this out about the people that I know!  And I get asked this question a lot because people know I look “different” but they just aren’t sure why.  Basically, I’m a mutt.  No seriously.  To be totally honest, I am not 100% sure what my family origins are because I was adopted when I was 4 1/2 and all I know is what the social worker told my parents about my background.  The condensed version that I always tell people is that I’m 1/4 Native American, 1/4 Caucasian (don’t know of what origin though my dad thinks it might be Swedish), and 1/2 Vietnamese.  A very strange combination indeed.  I always feel like I might be telling a lie since none of it has ever been truly confirmed, but to the best of my knowledge, that’s what I am.  A mutt.

That question has a lot to do with my answer to Knitsabella’s question of:  “Do you have any “possible but hard to achieve” dreams? Do you think you’ll ever do any of them?”

Probably my biggest “possible but hard to achieve” dream would be to find out more about where I come from.  Don’t mistake this for finding my birth parents, because I absolutely do not want a relationship with those people.  I just want to know if the truth that I think is my truth is real.  I’d like to know a lot of things that I will probably never find out.  But, theoretically, if I had the time and money I could probably find somebody to help me with this and maybe someday I will.  The other dream would probably be to go to Italy!

And now, for an even 10, Bianca asked:  “How do birthdays follow each other in your family?”

In our family, September is the craziest month of the year.  Nearly everyone in our immediate family as well as our group of friends has a birthday in this month (including me) and our wedding anniversary is also in September.  The calendar is always jam-packed!  March is another crazy-ish sort of month but not nearly as bad.  I do know a lot of people who have March as their crazy time though. 


Whew!  I still haven’t managed to answer all your questions, but I’ll get to the rest tomorrow after I announce the winner of my Unbloggyversary contest.  As if you’ll be interested in reading the answers after I’ve announced the winner, hee hee.  Thanks again to everyone for playing along and now I’m off to draw a name!


Contest Answers Part 3

 ikea pots 21608a

My new Ikea pots


Yesterday R. Darling took me down south for a visit to Ikea and Red Lobster as a belated Valentine’s Day celebration.  I know, it probably sounds kinda ghetto to you but I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to what makes me happy.  We had a great day just hanging out and stuffing our faces, though 90% of it involved being stuck in traffic.  I’ll take being stuck in traffic with you any day sweetie, over wine and roses with someone else!  The only fallout is that I had to work out twice today (ugh).  But it was totally worth it.

Today is the final day I’m taking questions for my little contest.  So if you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got until midnight tonight!  I’ve still got a ton of your questions to answer so I’m going to try to bust out a few more of them tonight if I can.  And this time, the questions will mostly be about knitting!  We all know that’s much more exciting than talking about me.  Thanks again everyone for stopping by! This has been really fun for me ;) 

Timiae asked a really interesting one:  “What is something you’d like to knit but can’t (because it would be impossible to have spun)? Unicorn feathering (the long fur around their legs)? Cirrus clouds? A tornado? Monkey fur? Anything?”

I think I’d love a hank of autumn sunshine or maybe a tropical sunset.  Or the smell of the summer air here where I live – ripe with berries and wet leaves.  Red rose petals maybe…..  It’s fun to think about!

Jen asked:  “What is your favorite FO that you’ve made for yourself? (no gifted items)”

Guess what?  I have only completed 3 items for myself in the 2+ years that I’ve been knitting!  And I have 2 more that are only half-finished at this point.  So that leaves me with a rather stunted list of things to choose from!  But I’d have to say that so far Rusted Root has been my favorite FO for myself.  But I have a sneaky feeling I’m going to like Juliet a lot once I finish it too.



My Rusted Root in K1C2 Angora Soft


Yasmin asked:  “What hand-made gifts do you like to receive?” and “….since I’m new to knitting, what pattern would you suggest which you think is not too intimidating but pretty enough to keep going?”

Well, I like pretty much anything anyone is willing to make me!  I rarely receive handmade gifts.  In fact, I think all I’ve received is a pair of socks from a sock swap and a scarf my best friend made me a few years back.  Because I make a lot of handmade gifts, I know how much time and effort goes into something like that and I am always touched that someone would do something like that for me.  As for the second question, I think that the Rusted Root pictured above is a great first sweater project.  It was the first sweater that I ever made for myself and the lace kept it interesting while the construction was simple enough for a beginner.  Hope that helps!

Ruby asks:  “What’s your favorite knitting book?”

Wow, there’s so many good ones out there it will be hard to choose!  But I think that Stefanie Japel’s “Fitted Knits” is at the top of my short list right now just because of the sheer number of projects in it that I want to knit.  As far as technique type books, I don’t really have a favorite but I am definitely interested in picking up some Elizabeth Zimmermann books since everyone is always raving about those.

Rachel O. asked:  “What do you enjoy knitting most?”  which is related to Wendy’s question:  “What kind of projects really get this knitter all jazzed up?”

I’m equal opportunity when it comes to knits.  Really.  I know we all say that, but I don’t have a real preference for one type of object over another.  That being said, I guess that I do enjoy knitting instant gratification type things – socks (though that instant gratification part is questionable), baby knits, toys.  But that’s mostly because I have a hard time finding the time to finish anything else.  I do fall in love on a daily basis with different sweater patterns all the time though.  I’m usually drawn to feminine shapes and lace detailing.

blogless in NJ and Robyn both wanted to know what my favorite yarn was and why:

My favorite sock yarn would have to be Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks That Rock (at least so far; I’ve got skeins of some other lovely stuff that I haven’t tried yet such as Hazel Knits from my pal Wendee & Vesper Sock yarn from Knitterly Things).  I wrote a post about it back here, but basically it comes in gorgeous colorways and is super soft and yummy to knit with!  As far as other yarns, right now I’m in love with my Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK.  I haven’t actually knit with it yet and maybe I won’t love it so much after that, but have you smooshed this stuff?  Think fluffy bunnies.  Yeah, that soft!  Most wools give me the monster itches, so I tend to go for blends.  Rowan’s Cashsoft DK is another one I can’t wait to knit up.

Jersey Jessie wanted to know:  “What would you really LOVE to knit (whether it is within your skill set or not)?’

I would really love to knit Annie Modesitt’s Corset Tank Top!  I’ve seen so many flattering and beautiful versions.  I don’t know whether it’s in my skill set or not yet, but maybe someday ;)

Shain wanted to know if I had any knitting fears:

Yeah, tons!  But the biggest one would have to be seaming and setting in a sleeve.  Of all the sweaters I’ve knit so far, not a single one has been anything other than knit in the round which requires minimal seaming.  Now that I’ve gotten used to how easy that method is, I’m very intimidated by the idea of making something in pieces that then need to be sewn together.  But I try to think of knitting in terms of the idea that it’s just string!  That means that as much as it would hurt to rip things out, I could do it and nothing would really be earth-shatteringly altered by that.  So I say, just dive in with those dpn’s Shain!  What’s the worst that could happen?

Beth (who just revealed to me that she is also a lab rat – woot!) asked:  “What is the most favorite project you ever knit for someone (or yourself). What was it, and why is it your favorite?”

Hmmmmm.  Such tough questions!  Ummm…. I think the project I enjoyed knitting the most was the Falling Leaves Scarves I made for pretty much all the ladies in my family the first year that I made handknit gifts for Christmas.  This was my very first lace project and not only was it simple, but the results were dramatically attractive after all the blocking was finished.  Totally worth it!  One of those minimal effort, maximum impact kinda projects.


frosty back a

This year’s version of Falling Leaves


Amy wanted to know:  “How do you stash your stash? closet, plastic tubs or something more organized?”

More organized?  Ha!  Surely you jest ;)  Well, half of my stash is in a wooden cubby cabinet that I got at Pier 1 when my stash was tiny and nonexistent and I had to work to fill the darn thing.  Since then, there is pretty much yarn in any place that I can find room (shhhh….. don’t tell R. Darling!!).  There are a couple plastic tubs and also some more in the shipping boxes that they arrived in.  -Sigh- I’m so awful!  I do wish it was more organized, but there’s the awful truth….


Wow!  If you made it to here, I’m very grateful and impressed that you endured my crap!  Thanks for all the great questions and I’ll be drawing names sometime tomorrow and hopefully posting the winner’s name on Monday.  Hope you are all having a great weekend and I guess that the only thing better than blogging about knitting would be actually knitting, so I’m off to see what I can fit in before bed…..


Welcome You Are Not HRM Booger King (Contest Answers Part Deux)!

The Booger King seems to have moved his winter palace into my sinuses this week.  His minions are busily mining for diamonds in my nasal cavity, pounding away with their little claw hammers.  I tried sneezing them out at least 50 times yesterday, but they’re tenacious.  Hate to disappoint you Booger King, but there’s no diamonds in there.  You can move on now please.  Go try that poor sucker over there. 

Lucky for me though, all you supa-fantastic bloggy peeps out there have given me something to write about while my sinuses try to survive the onslaught!  So sit tight, you’re in for the next round of questions and answers!


Laura asks:  “Time and money being no object-what would you knit…and what would you do(other than knit)?”

Hmmm….. What would I knit?  Probably the Red Carpet Gown from the Greetings from Knit Cafe Book or Cleopatra from Romantic Handknits by Annie Modesitt.  I mean, silk dresses!  I’d probably change the colors on Cleopatra though or make it a solid color.  As far as what I would do with myself if money was no object, that’s easy.  I’d travel non-stop and see everything there was to see!

Debbi asks:  “What is your favorite gift that you have received in a swap?”

This is probably hard to believe, but I’ve only participated in 2 swaps total.  I’d have to say that I love the roving and spindle that AJ sent me during the Sock It To Me Swap over the summer as well as the socks she made me and the Koigu she sent!  I’m learning how to spin right now (more on that later) and I never would have thought about it if it weren’t for her.  Thanks AJ!!



Monument Valley 2003


Jenny asks (and Lisa also wants to know):  “Do you ever plan to get your own Harley?”

Hee.  I have this little problem with falling asleep on the back of the bike, so probably not.  Plus, I hate to drive.  But every once in a while, when we get on some lonely back road with miles of nothing all around, I wish I could.  Besides, I think it’s pretty bad ass when girls ride Harleys!

Lisa also asked:  “As one of your regular peeps…..I want to know if you could be anything in the world, what would it be and why?”

Wow, that’s a tough one!  I have always thought it would be really kick ass to be one of those people on the Travel Channel who goes to different countries and shows you the “cool” places to stay and eat while you’re visiting.  I mean, you get paid to do something that’s already fun!  I think there’s also a tiny part of me that wishes I could have been a great singer or actress though……

Jess wanted to know:  “When you were little,what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Oh man.  What didn’t I want to be?  I swear it changed daily!  When I was in kindergarten my mom got me a memory book for my school years that went from kindergarten up to 12th grade.  Inside there were spaces to write your height and weight, your friends’ names, your favorite subjects in school, and pockets to hold report cards and things as well as a space to paste a portrait.  I pulled it out after I started thinking about Jess’ question and I looked at the kindergarten page and it read, “When I grow up I want to be: A star, a painter, and-um-a grower of flowers, a doctor; oh!  I want to be a lot of things.”  This is apparently, word for word, what I told my mom.  I guess that sums it up, but from about 5th grade on I developed a huge interest in science and I have pretty much wanted to be a scientist since then.

And this brings me to Monica’s question:  “What do you do in your “real” job? I’m so curious. hehe”

I’m a mad, mad scientist mwaaaaah-aaah-aaah!  O.k.  That was creepy.  But I kinda am :)  For those of you who don’t know this, I’m a microbiologist.  I work in a local lab that does bacterial and chemistry testing on food products, water, and milk products.  That might sound glamorous and exciting, but it’s kinda not.  At least not once you get used to it the way I have.  In reality we get the work done and then spend the rest of our time dicking around :)  I hope that answered your question Monica, but if there wasn’t enough gory detail, feel free to ask and I’ll supply some more!


O.k.  I know there’s so many more questions I should answer but the Booger King is insisting that lights out must occur in his kingdom within 15 minutes or a reign of terror will ensue!  Thanks everyone for playing along and I’ll have the next installment up soon.  Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!

BTW:  Yes, I’m channeling my inner Yoda up there in the title.  My work buddy told me this morning that the postal service has released a new Yoda stamp.  Yep.  All true.  Check it out you must!


Smookiness and Contest Answers Part 1


Seen at Starbuck’s this morning…..


Hmmmm.  What do you suppose “smookiness” is?  As the regular bloggy peeps know, I have a fondness for making up my own words.  Imagine the fun I had this morning pondering the meaning of smookiness.  The potential is endless!  Perhaps it is a combination of smooth and snarky?  Like when the barista forgets your drink after you’ve waited 10 minutes and when another patron points out that your drink should have been first, she says sorry in a way that tells you she doesn’t really mean it?  Smooth, yet snarky.  Hey, she can revel in her smookiness if she wants, but I got a free drink anyway. 

But the questions.  Man oh man, you guys really asked some good ones!  Thanks so much to everyone, old and new, who stopped to leave a comment!  I anticipated only having to write one post to answer these, but I guess the lure of free stuff was just too great ;)  Usually, I try to respond personally to all the comments I receive, but for this contest I’ll be forgoing that tradition in order to share all the answers here with everyone else.  So here we go….

purple asks:  “How about something fundamental – what’s your favorite color?” 

Hee.  Pink!  More pink.  Oh yeah, did I mention I like pink?  PINK!  And brown.  Actually, I’m trying to branch out with this because everything I own seems to be pink lately.  So there will be more red and clover green appearing in my FO’s most likely.

Gladys asks:  “I always ask new acquaintances this question: So, how did you meet your partner? Did you “know” right away? (And that’s a good question for Valentine’s Day, anyways.)”

The regular peeps have heard this one before (and there’s a much more clever version here on my blog if you’re interested) but it’s kinda sweet after all and definitely in the spirit of Valentine’s Day so I’ll share a shortened version here :)  Well, R. Darling (my hubby) and I met in first grade.  Then again in high school after attending different schools for a while.  We liked each other then, but it didn’t work out.  After re-meeting again at our 10 year high school reunion, we started dating and have been together ever since.  I did, actually, know “right away” after meeting him again at our reunion.  But I would never have guessed back in high school that I would have married someone I went to school with!

Melanie asks:  “My question: are you right or left-handed ?”

I’m a righty!  I do knit continental though (I don’t think anyone asked this yet….) which one of my friends tells me is the “left-handed” way.  Hmmmm…. don’t know if that’s accurate or not.  It doesn’t much surprise me that I’m a right hander though because I am most definitely left-brain dominant.  We took one of those weird tests in high school that’s supposed to tell you which you were and I was so far to the left-brain side that I was almost off the chart.  Me and the science teacher.  Yep.  I’m a nerd. 

Elaine says:  “I always knit and do something else – read, watch a movie, listen to TV. Do you, or are you someone who just focuses on the knitting?”

Wow, you can knit and read at the same time?!  Totally amazing!!  Yes, I usually do something else when I’m knitting, but not very well!  I’m one of those people who has to look at what they’re doing even if it’s just mindless stockinette.  I usually watch a movie I’ve seen already or cartoons that I don’t have to fully concentrate on.  Lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks thanks to Robin’s suggestion :)  But if there’s something on TV I’m really interested in the knitting disappears (sorry knitting, I still love you but Pushing Daisies comes first…..).

Knit Girl asks: “My question will be “what is your fave number? and why?””

My favorite number over 10 would have to be 12.  Silly reason why.  Because my birthday is on the 12th.  My favorite number under 10 is 4.  Just nice and even and small.  I have an OCD sorta thing about even and odd numbers which is slowly relaxing with time, but used to be slightly consuming for me.  And apparently I have an odd version of it because most people seem to feel that even numbers are less harmonious whereas I feel that odd numbers seem unbalanced and bad luck. 

Well, I think you’ve had enough of my crap for the day!  Thanks so much to everyone for playing along and I’ll have the next installment up soon.  Thanks for visiting and hope your day is smooky-free!


Unbirthday! Er….Unbloggyversary-day! O.k. It’s Another Contest!

The Unbirthday Song

Statistics prove, prove that you’ve one birthday,
one birthday ev’ry year.
But there are three hundred and sixty four
That is why we’re gathered here to cheer.
A very merry unbirthday to you, to you.
A very merry unbirthday to you,
It’s great to drink to someone and I guess that you will do.
A very merry unbirthday to you


When I was a kid, I loved Alice In Wonderland.  This probably shouldn’t surprise you by now.  My best girl friend and I would have unbirthday tea parties every chance we got, taking turns being the lucky unbirthday girl for the day.  We sang that little ditty above over and over while eating pretend pink cupcakes and drinking water out of our tea cups in our best dress-up finery.  So as you can see, I have a long standing fondness for a good unbirthday celebration.

Today, as it happens, is my Unbloggyversary Day!  This is different from what I call my “Official Bloggyversary” (back in October) which is merely the day I blogged here for the first time.  No, the Unbloggyversary is special in its own right.  On this day last year I suddenly got serious about blogging for reals.  Unlike previous fits and starts I’d had in the past, this time it stuck.  It’s become an important part of my life somehow.  And what better way to celebrate that, than with a contest for all of you?  Sure beats eating pretend cupcakes in big girl clothes!

So here’s how to play:  Leave me a comment, asking me anything you’d like to know about me, my knitting, my life etc. and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a kit to make these and whatever other little treats I can find to put in:



More info here & the colorway is Tuscan Rosa in this yarn


The deadline for questions will be February 16, 2008, a week from today to give everyone who doesn’t visit very often a chance to participate.    I don’t suspect that I have that many readers so you have a pretty good chance to win if you enter ;)  I’ll answer the questions everyone leaves in a post (or posts depending on how many of you there are) so you can all enjoy the answers and most likely discover that I am  “curiouser and curiouser” than you ever imagined.  So, here’s to Unbloggyversaries and pink cupcakes!  Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you! 

BTW:  I’m not that clever.  I got this idea from Robin and I really enjoyed it when she did her contest.  She graciously allowed me to copycat her.  Thanks Robin!!

A very merry unbloggyversary to me…. and you!


Furry Feet: 100 Woolies – January/February Update

january socks1

Recent Warm Woolies knits


Today is my Friday. I’m tired. There’ll be no good natured joshing around here on the blog today. Maybe you just want to check out the photo and skip the rest. That’s cool with me. I feel the same way tonight.

I wanted to post this yesterday for WIP Wednesday (which I have actually never done!) but things got crazy and I just didn’t get the chance. Remember that Warm Woolies goal I had for this year? I didn’t forget! I’ve just been consistently whittling away at it and the results are rather less than spectacular. But I figured it was time for an update now that it’s February and, well, I don’t have anything else remotely interesting to share today.

As I figure it, I have to knit around 9 items per month to make my goal and so far I am woefully behind on things, what with all the weight lifting and other junk keeping me occupied. Officially, I’ve completed 5.5 items towards my goal of knitting 100 items this year for Warm Woolies but I do have a couple holdovers from last year that I’m not counting in the totals yet (a vest I got a little “creative” with that I’m not sure about, and a cardigan coat that is about 90% complete). Right now, I’ve been knitting a lot of socks and counting the pair as one item. It doesn’t seem right to count individual socks as one item each because, really, you can’t give just one sock to someone! If I get desperate later on though, my high minded ideals might just find themselves a little more bendy…..

I did find out something interesting the other day when I stopped by the site. It’s not updated frequently, but it had been updated since I’d been there last and it turns out that they’re having a contest! I didn’t know this when I set my 2008 goals for myself, but it’s a happy coincidence. Lucky for me, they need the socks that I decided to focus on too! So, I’ll be groovin’ on with the furry feet for sure ;)


Over Four Weeks Of Being Really Freakin’ Good And All I Got Was This Lousy Mug

 heart reward mug1

This bunny needs a treat…..


Actually, I love this mug.  And it loves me back.  It says it right there on the side, “I love you.”  And if you ask me (which you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway) everyone should tell themselves this just a little more often.  I know I have a heckuva lot of trouble with this sentiment myself, but maybe this little reminder filled with the mint tea I’m sipping right now, will make me stop and think about it now and then. 

They say that you should reward yourself for your successful completion of your workout goals.  Technically, improved fitness is probably the reward in itself, but you and I know that that’s a load of crap.  We want presents!!  So, Saturday morning I bought myself this mug.  Ever since Starbuck’s first brought these out after the holidays, I’ve been secretly coveting them.  Saturday there was a red $3.99 sticker on it (marked down from $7.95) and –bam!- it was in my hand.  Who needs more incentive than a red clearance sticker and over 4 weeks of targeted goodness?  It’s so hard to be good sometimes. 

 My online pal over at Pursuit of Fiber was asking me today how the “reduction” was going.  I guess now that it’s February I can stop and take a look at my goals and see what my progress has been like.  Lots of people have probably fallen off the New Year’s Resolution apple cart by now, but I have to say, I’m doing pretty well (we’re doing pretty well).  In over 4 weeks of our Body For Life program, I’ve only missed 1 day of my scheduled workouts (we’re allowed one “Free” day a week where we don’t have a scheduled workout and we can eat what we like) and only substituted less intense cardio on 2 of those days (the infamous snow kayaking trip and a walk outdoors instead of elliptical time).  And let me tell you, it’s damn hard to eat right and workout 6 days a week all while trying to live a normal life. 

But besides my lovely new mug, I’ve been rewarded with this:  an approximate 4 lb. weight loss since the program start date (I didn’t expect this number to budge much because we are doing a lot of weightlifting and muscle weighs more than fat) which is right about where I should be (about 1 lb. per week), a loss of at least 1 inch around my waist, definite increase in muscle tone (hooray!!), and if our body fat scale is correct, which they notoriously aren’t, a close to 2% reduction in my body fat percentage.  And we aren’t even halfway through our 12 week program yet.  I’m looking forward to losing some more and just hope I can stick with it a bit longer.

I know, a more appropriate reward would have been yarn, but I’m trying to stick with that whole reduction theme from my New Year’s Resolution.  In fact, my last couple projects have been from stash yarn and you know what?  It feels good to use some of my stash!   I did indulge in one more reward for myself though.  The 28thirty pattern from Zephyr.  And the best part – I have the perfect yarn already in my stash to make it with!


2830 reward1


How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? I’d love to know!


HOTN* Saturday!

Yes, I’ve been knitting!  Not as much as I would like, but enough to have something to show for once.  Sigh – it’s been a while.


red le slouch 1a


red le slouch 2a


red le slouch 3a


red le slouch 4a


Pattern:  Le Slouch from Knit & Tonic’s Wendy Bernard

Yarn:  KnitPicks’ Cadena in Cranberry – approximately 1.5 skeins

Needles:  Size 9 dpn’s for ribbing, and size 10 circs (16″) for body

Mods:  Originally began with size 8 dpn’s, casting on 68 stitches and then changing to size 9’s as written in pattern. The circumference just seemed to small to comfortably fit around the recipient’s head (and I’ve got a peanut head!) so I changed needles to size 9 dpn’s for the cast on and cast on 72 stitches, then changing to size 10 circs (16”) for the remainder of the hat. Knit 6” before beginning decreases. Decreased 4 stitches evenly before beginning decreases as written in pattern (so that stitch count would match the original 68 in pattern).

Comments:  This hat is a gift for someone else.  Someone that can totally rock this look in a way that I just can’t.  I would never have wanted a hat like this for myself but you know what?  After seeing the pics I actually kinda liked it!  I don’t know if I’ll rush out and make myself one, but I will definitely consider a wider range of styles now that I’ve seen the possibilities!


FOS Fetching1


Pattern:  Another Fetching  from Knitty

Yarn:  Bollicine Dolly in color #92 (from stash!!) – approximately 1.5 skeins with yarn doubled

Needles:  Size 6 dpn’s

Mods:  Mods: After knitting stitches onto waste yarn, knit 6 rows (instead of 4) in pattern to cable round, then knit 5 rows (instead of 4) to bind off row. I liked the added length to the upper part of the mitt as it seemed that other mitts I’d knit following the pattern exactly, came out a bit too short.

Comments:  These were made for my pal over at Fond of Snape.  She mentioned how much she liked some of the ones I posted (she’s a photographer, not a knitter, and the author of the Friday Fill-ins I sometimes do) and I offered to make her a pair if her knitting friend couldn’t.  So here we are!  I cannot get over how good it felt to knit these solely from stash!  I guess I’m in for a lot of good feelings this year as I intend to knit as much as possible from my stash.  The A.D.D. Knitter was just commenting the other day on how she knit a sweater completely from stash recently and how she felt she deserved some kind of award for that accomplishment.  I was feeling the same way!  And what do you know – if you check out her blog, someone made her an award which she’s sharing with all of us!  I don’t know that I feel I’ve earned it yet, but soon……


Special thanks to my sweetest photographer, R. Darling!



*HOTN:  Hot Off The Needles!