A Beautiful Day!

What up Bloggy Peeps?  My friend Troy has been asking me about the trip I took to Oregon earlier this month and I fully intended to write a little something about that today, but the sun was shining like no other and it just didn’t feel right being cooped up inside in front of my computer.

Not only was the weather gorgeous today, something extremely special and fantastically beautiful also landed on my doorstep this afternoon with all that nice autumnal sunshine.


My scrumptious prize from Knitterly Things!


Behold the wonder that is handspun goodness!  I had no idea what to expect when Julia told me I was her 2000th customer and had won her prize of handspun custom-dyed yarn.  She just asked what my favorite colors were and said that that was more than enough to get her started.  And it’s been a mystery since then.  So imagine how special and exciting it was today when I opened the box and saw the perfect shades of pink and orange mixed together like a yummy yummy super yummy cherry and orange popsicle.  After squarshing it for a good 10 minutes, and cooing over the adorable tags she attached, I decided it was just too pretty to use for socks.  So it will become a cowl or scarf or something else that I won’t be able to wear out (I hope!).  Thank you so much again Julia for the fantastic loveliness.  It’s really just heart-melting :)


P.S. – Thanks so much to all of you for the reassuring and supportive comments you all left about my work situation.  Sometimes, just telling R. Darling isn’t enough.  I need that feeling of telling another live person why things suck.  And I can’t thank all of you enough for letting it be o.k. for me to do that, listening with sympathy, and sharing your thoughts.  You guys are really the best!!  As someone I know once said, “Franks a lot!!” :)


Spreadin’ The Bloggy Love

Hey, thanks bloggy peeps on all your supa sweet comments on my scarf in the last post!  I’m sorry but I faked you out a bit with the photo though.  I didn’t have a photo of Mom’s actual scarf, so I posted a photo of another one I made for someone else in a different color (it really bugs me to post without a photo!).  Mom’s was dark grey.  I’m thinking of offering it as a prize in a contest soon if anyone thinks they might be interested.  After washing and re-blocking of course (even though it’s never been worn) :)  It’s almost my bloggyversary….


So today I’m posting something cheerful that will hopefully make me feel a little better during this crapperlude (crappy + interlude = crapperlude) I’m having.  I hate to use the work “funk” for reasons I won’t go into here.  If you ask me in private I’ll be glad to explain, and I don’t mind if you use it, but I just can’t bring myself to.  Some of you can probably already figure out why.  Anyhoo, I know I made it sound like it was just my birfday that had me feeling down, but it’s oh so much more than that.  The birfday was just the catalyst for crapitude. 

We’ve had some recent changes at work that have me really questioning my value as an employee and my skill as a scientist.  Something that’s not great for someone whose self-worth is already below sea-level.  Basically, I have been unofficially demoted and replaced with someone who, not only has little to no experience in the work we do, but also does not have a degree in microbiology.  I’m left to do the work that a catatonic sea-monkey could perform with both eyes closed and 2 tentacles tied behind its back.  It doesn’t help that the new girl is young, blonde, skinny, and actually fairly smart.  I’m trying my best not to resent the whole situation and everyone that I work with, but it’s been a real struggle the last 2 weeks.  So, while I search for ways to deal, all the great yarny goodness that I have to show you (for once!) is kinda on hold until I can get it together.  Sorry ’bout that :(


But I promised you something cheerful!!  And here it is:



Monica, of Rubys N Purls, was kind enough to give me this award while I was away in Oregon.  Thank you so very much Monica!!  I am completely and totally honored and can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful gesture!  I’m really and truly touched.


The Rules:

1: Post the award on your blog.
2: Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3: Nominate at least 4 others.
4: Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.


Oooooh, this is always the hard part!  But I’ll give it a shot…..

  1. Monica (Rubys N Purls) – I’m givin’ it right back to ya :)  I love the amazing photos that you take and it’s been so much fun getting to know you through your bloggy over the last year or two. Your knitty projects are lovely too!
  2. My non-knitting friend Fond Of Snape – I love her blog for the fantastic photographs!  There’s always a new perspective on something that I’d never noticed before.  She has an amazing eye!
  3. Chrispy at Pursuit of Fiber – Her knitty projects are truly inspiring!  She’s always modifying things to suit her figure and there is so much to learn in her posts.  Plus, I have really been enjoying getting to know her better and test knitting for her these last few months :)
  4. Knitterly Things – We’re not actually pals per se, but I love her posts about her yarns and projects.  She seems like such a super nice person (we’ve corresponded a few times since I won her 2000th customer prize) and her posts sound just like I might sound when hanging with my homies :)


So, that’s my list!  I actually tried to spread the love in different areas than I usually do this time, so there are a few favorites that didn’t make the list.  It’s not ’cause I love them any less, just wanted to shout out to a different batch of bloggy peeps ’cause everyone could use a dose of warm fuzzies now and then.  Thanks so much again Monica!  You truly made my year!

So get on out and spread the cheer!  Let’s hope it’s contagious :) 


A Gift In Disguise

A 2008 Version Of The “Gift In Disguise”


Last year, a couple weeks before Christmas and when I was at my ultimate grinchiest, my parents drug my ass out for some holiday “fun”.  Afterwards, sitting at my folks’ house, my mom brought out the lace scarf I had lovingly knit her as a gift the Christmas before.  I’d thought long and hard about what color to use, had hoped that the not-overly-fussy lace would appeal to her, and that the alpaca blend would keep her warm on her walks to the beach.  It had obviously never been worn and the handmade tags I’d attached with care instructions and “Handmade by M-” were still hanging from their ribbon safety-pinned to one corner.  My heart sank.  I already knew what was coming.  It wasn’t anything new.  Hey, Mom says, I just can’t wear this scarfOkay, I say, waiting for the remaining half of my soul to implode.  It’s just too itchy for me.  Can’t you give it to someone else?  No.  I can’t give it to someone else.  I made it for you.  But I don’t say anything except, Sorry it didn’t work for you.  I’ll figure out something to do with it.  Fighting the urge to start blubbering on the spot (What the hell?  You couldn’t hide it in a drawer and forget about it?  You had to rub it in that you wouldn’t be wearing something I’d handmade just for you?  I would never know if you wore it or not!) I took it home and put it away.  There can be no chinks in my armor when dealing with my family, or I’d probably never have survived this long.  Showing weakness or sensitivity is just not acceptable and you’re opening the door for a heap of heartbreak if you do.  Which totally sucks because I am about as sensitive as it gets.

But anyway, this week when Knitting Daily brought up the subject of holiday knitting I thought again and again about this little vignette and the rather lackluster receipt of last year’s Christmas knits made for R. Darling’s family (I used cashmere!  I selected colors so carefully!  I made something I would love to receive! And whoopee – no one gave a crap!!).  And I realized that my mom had unwittingly given me the most wonderful backhanded gift in disguise I could have asked for:  a holiday non-knitting list!  I absolutely refuse to knit anything for anyone this Christmas unless they are R. Darling or someone who I know will truly appreciate the time and love I put into their handknit gift.  This thought warms me from the tip of my grinchy-chin-chin to the cockles of my too-sensitive heart.  Thanks Mom.




P.S.  Though I try to keep things as light and positive around the bloggy as I can, I’m afraid I still have some lingering post-birthday negativity floating around my person which affects everything I think and do lately.  I’m sorry about that, ’cause it can’t be much fun to read, but in the interest of keepin’ it real, I guess I feel that I should stay true to myself and not try to fake it when I’m not feeling down with the cheerfullness.  I hope it goes away soon and thanks for your patience!  Oh, and just in case it sounds like Mom doesn’t love me very much, that’s totally not true.  She’s just practical to a fault and a wee bit on the insensitive side.  I love her anyway ;)


I’m Back! Sort of…..

The PDX Train Station – September 5, 2008


Well, I’m back in the ‘Ham after my 10 days at the beach.  Is it wrong that I need a vacation again already?  Could be that I’m suffering from a bout of Post Traumatic Birthday Disorder.  Despite R. Darling’s best efforts, the big day was completely and totally unexceptional.  Actually bordering on awful.  Oh?  It’s your birthday?  Here, have a migraine and some cramps and no birthday cake within a 100 mile radius!  I can see I’m in for an interesting year.  The good thing is, I got so.many. hugs and kisses from my man that day and something special that I’ve been wanting for a while.  It doesn’t hurt either that I got carded at Red Lobster when we stopped for a late lunch.  Don’t know what that was all about, but I’ll take it!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back but September is a notoriously supa-crazy-family-birthday-anniversary-3 marathon & one 50K (that would be R. Darling, not me)-and-everything-in-between kind of month for us. So despite being back home I may still not be around this bloggy all that much.  But – I will be back.  Eventually.


Until then…..  I hope you are all doing well!


It’s almost autumn!  Hooray!!!!  Can’t wait for punkins….


Takin’ The Trainy Train To Sandy Town

Noooooo, not the tranny train.  But that could be totally fierce…..  Unless it was a hot mess…..

Either way, take care and I’ll see you in a couple weeks ;)



ETA:  Hey Bloggy Peeps!  I guess a few of you are curious where I’m going!  I wasn’t being vague on purpose, I just didn’t want to bore you with the details.  Anyway, “Sandy Town” is just the beach ;)  In Oregon.  With sand and knitting and books.  Cools.  Leaving Friday….

Thanks for caring enough to wonder!!